Wisconsin congressman Mike Gallagher takes himself out of the running for U.S. Senate. “I decided to stay in the House and lead the select committee on the Chinese Communist Party, rather than run for Senate against Tammy Baldwin in 2024.”

The 8th District Republican was on the Jay Weber show on Friday. “I think we’ll find a great candidate to run against Baldwin. I think she’s extremely beatable. I do think I could have beaten her and maybe that sounds arrogant, but I think that Wisconsin people want someone who’s more common sense. She’s very outside the mainstream, she’s far left progressive, she’s a career politician.”

Gallagher says he wants to stay in the House, where he leads the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party. “I do believe we have a fleeting moment as a country and a rare opportunity to start to do the things necessary to defend America from CCP aggression, and start to win this new cold war before it’s too late. Which by the way could turn hot within the next five years.”

Other Republicans mentioned as challengers to Baldwin’s bid for a third term include congressman Tom Tiffany, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, and former Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.       

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