Operation Quit Tobacco Even more help is available for members of Wisconsin's military.

Operation Quit Tobacco is designed to help Wisconsin military personnel and veterans quit their tobacco addition. Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line Coordinator Kate Kobinsky says the expanded program offers coaching and free medication for all military personnel.

"…Active duty, Wisconsin Army National Guard members, reservists, and veterans."

The program was first launched in November of 2006, but Kobinsky says it's gotten even better.

"Now we're launching an enhanced Operation Quit Tobacco program where in addition to the evidence-based coaching we're offering eight weeks of nicotine replacement therapy, the patch, the gum or the lozenge to all military personnel."

Kobinsky says members of the U.S. military are at high risk for nicotine addition. About 30% smoke or use tobacco of some sort when they are first deployed, but that figure jumps to 60% when they return. The rate among adults overall is just 20%.

Kobinsky says now is a great time to make use of evidence-based tobacco cessation treatments, especially considering the newly signed statewide smoking ban.

"Certainly people can talk to their healthcare providers but the Quit Line is just a call away at 1-800-QUIT-NOW."

NOTE: The Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line has other programs geared toward pregnant women, youth smokers, low-income and Medicaid recipients.

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