The so-called “California Cars” provision in the legislation derived from the Global Warming Task Force simply won’t work in the Badger State, according to the Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Association.

“What the two-word name ‘California Cars’ it sounds kind of sexy sounds like something you want, but without doing the research you really don’t know what you’re getting.”

The group’s president Bill Sepic says Wisconsin is vastly different than California and can’t be subjected to a system designed for the Golden State. Sepic says in an effort to reduce emissions, the bureaucrats would simply regulate the types of vehicles coming into our state.

“That means the new cars that come into this state from the manufacturers will be a higher level of small cars and we will get less SUVs, less trucks.”

He says farmers and recreational enthusiasts would have to pay more for their vehicles due to smaller supply and higher demand for the bigger vehicles.

Sepic says emissions standards should be customized to specifically address Wisconsin’s unique climate, lifestyle, population, geography, topography, and economy.

Also, he says, dealerships in border towns would lose sales to Wisconsin consumers heading to neighboring states without California’s emissions standards.

Sepic’s group is asking legislators to oppose this piece of the Global Warming Task Force legislation and look toward federal regulations already being drafted.

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