The gloves were off Thursday, as Wisconsin's Democratic Senators questioned Alberto Gonzales. Senator Russ Feingold did not mince words, asking the embattled U.S. Attorney General just how much input and knowledge he had, over the decision to fire eight U.S. attorneys. Feingold did not but Gonzales assertions that he had both. “It's pretty clear . . that at the time you had no basis to know exactly how these people came to be on the list,” he told Gonzales. “The fact that various justifications have been made up or concocted after the fact doesn't cut it with me.” Senator Herb Kohl , citing polls indicating a lack of public confidence in the attorney general, questioned Gonzales point blank about why he's still in office, “given the low morale, the history of mismanagement, the apparent lack of independence from the White House, and most importantly the taint of politics trumping justice in your tenure.” Gonzales was questioned about the U.S. Attorney investigation, by the Senate Judiciary Committee , on which both Wisconsin Senators serve.

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