The two Clark County swine herds infected with pseudo rabies have been destroyed and the herds within a five mile radius of the first farm have tested negative.

This week, the Ag department is testing farms close to the second outbreak. The Ag Department's Donna Gilson says thirty-five farms have swine that need to be tested but the actual number of pigs affected is relatively small. The herds are small and in some cases it involves pigs children have as 4-H projects.

So far, only Michigan and Kansas have put a temporary moratorium on Wisconsin hog imports and the USDA doesn't see a problem with Wisconsin hogs at this point.

Gilson says they'll know the results of this week's testing by the end of the day Wednesday and that will confirm if the pseudo-rabies outbreak has been contained.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:07 MP3 )

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