Governor Jim Doyle delivers his final state of the state address (Photo: Jackie Johnson)

In his speech, Governor Jim Doyle says his top priority in 2010 is to create jobs and help struggling families. Republican Senator Scott Fitzgerald from Juneau calls the governor’s job initiative “hypocritical.”

“That the governor stood up there tonight and talked about all the job creation that happened when you have 163,000 jobs lost just in the last year … it’s amazing to me that he could have stood up there with a straight face.”

The Senate Minority Leader says if Democrats in the Legislature follow the Governor’s path, there will be even more jobs lost.

However, Democrat Senator Russ Decker of Schofield — the Senate Majority Leader — is optimistic about the governor’s job creation priority in the remaining months of his governorship.

“The biggest thing that I think he talked about, which I’m glad he did, was jobs. And I think that’s the focus where we need to go.”

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate for December was up to 8.7-percent.

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