A Republican recall candidate from Green Bay says allegations that he abused his son are lies. David VanderLeest is responding to Oconto Falls police reports that were posted on a Democratic-leaning website. VanderLeest says a report from social services shows his ex wife is behind the accusations. “The reports from the social services state that it was threatened to have things done to him if he didn’t give reports to the social services department,” said VanderLeest. “My ex wife went on now to make allegations that I take crack, which is obviously not true.” VanderLeest said the social services report shows that his son would rather live with him, or his grandparents, than his ex-wife.

VanderLeest faces Democratic Senator Dave Hansen of Green Bay in Tuesday’s recall election. VanderLeest said his ex wife and the state Democratic Party are behind all of the accusations against him. The state Democratic Party is calling for VanderLeest to withdraw from the race. Gillian Morris is a spokeswoman for the party. “It’s upsetting and we think that everyone should and will be against this, and we think it’s time for the governor and the GOP party leaders to stand up against it,” she said. The police report shows that the allegations were made in April. Prosecutors have not filed any criminal charges against VanderLeest.

Mike Kemmeter, WHBY

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