A “Hail Mary”. That's how one GOP leader characterizes the governor's big oil tax proposal.

The governor has never been a fan of big oil companies and the profits they make and now he wants to tax them. More than 270-million over two years that would go to transportation.

If it's a trial balloon, Senate minority leader Scott Fitzgerald is ready to burst it. He says it's laughable if the governor thinks he can out oil executives in jail for six months if they pass the cost of the tax on to consumers

Fitzgerald says it's just another in the long list of ideas that would end up taxing the middle class. He cites the proposed hospital tax, hikes in the cigarette tax, vehicle registration fees and property tax.

Fitzgerald says the governor must know some of theses ideas will never pass and with the big oil tax he's just throwing a “hail Mary” pass in hopes enough democrats in the legislature will catch it.


AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:15 MP3 )

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