Following complaints from Republicans about how he was spending federal coronavirus aid money, on Thursday Governor Tony Evers unveiled a new platform for people to see exactly where that money is going. 

“This website will allow Wisconsinites to see for themselves how our investments totaling 1.73 billion dollars so far, are helping your neighbors and communities.”)

Evers says the state has already made great investments with CARES funding. 

“In just a few short months we’ve been able to put more than 10 million pieces of personal protective equipment and more than 1 million testing and lab supplies into the hands of local communities and our tribal partners. We’ve also invested in more than 12,000 small businesses and providing additional support in nearly 12,000 Wisconsin farms, and folks, the impact of our investments keep growing.”

Evers still has about 300 million dollars in CARES funding remaining, and it’s a rare opportunity for the governor to spread out spending without involving state Republicans.

He says he’ll be closely monitoring if hospitals and other agencies need that funding over the next few months.

Meanwhile, Governor Evers says he doesn’t see a need to step in with a new statewide order on whether or not to close or open schools this fall. He says he’s been in contact with districts and administrations and school boards and that local decisions are being made.

“There are several rural school districts that are reopening in person, but they’re also, to their credit, offering a remote option to parents who feel uncomfortable doing that.”

Evers says what reopening looks like will be wildly different for small districts as opposed to large districts, and that needs for each can be weighed by schools boards.

“At this point in time, there seems to be good discussion going on and I believe good decisions are being made.”

Several Republicans have accused the Governor of secretly planning to close schools for weeks. 

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