Governor Tony Evers has signed a new executive order urging people to stay home and not to socially mingle.

Evers says people need to take the threat of COVID-19 seriously as we head into the winter months.

“And unfortunately with the holidays just around the corner, we recommend that you plan to celebrate just with your own household. You can still invite others to join virtually, but we advise you not to go to any gatherings with people who are not in your immediate home.”

Evers says people need to stay home and break the chain of the spread.

“Each day this virus goes unchecked is a setback for our economic recovery. Our bars, restaurants, small businesses, families and farmers will continue to suffer if we don’t take action right now.”

“We must get back to the basics of fighting this virus, just like we did last spring, and it starts at home. It’s not safe to go out. It’s not safe to have others over. It’s just not safe.”

The measure also calls on businesses to limit the amount of contact people are having with each other. The order does not carry any actual enforcement language, as those efforts have been largely stymied due to repeated lawsuits challenging the state’s health orders. 


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