Governor Walker is signing off on rules for issuing concealed carry permits, but is also indicating he wants to see some changes to the final version of the policy. The emergency rules written by the Department of Justice and approved by the Governor Friday will cover how permits are issued when the law passed earlier this year takes effect on November First.

The rules are drawing fire from gun advocates, who are upset about requirements that permit holders complete at least four hours of training and have an instructor sign a certificate. NRA officials and the sponsor of the concealed carry bill argue the law did not set any standards for training and have accused the Department of Justice of overstepping its authority with the mandates.

In a statement issued Friday, a spokesman for the Governor says Walker had little choice but to approve the emergency rules as written, because not doing so could delay implementation of the law. Walker is urging DOJ to improve the permanent rules, which will be completed later and will require approval from him and the Legislature.

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