Governor Doyle now says taverns have to be included in a statewide smoking ban. No exemptions.

In February, the Governor opened the door to possibly accepting a bar and tavern exemption if he got most of what he wanted in a statewide smoking ban.

Now he says it won't happen. A smoking ban without including taverns doesn't make sense to him. And he doesn't believe the legislature would send him a bill that did exempt bars and taverns.

Now he says he might consider a short phase-in period for bars which he says has been done in other states.

Speaking at a tobacco prevention conference in Madison, the Governor said he wants a smoking ban that applies to all public places. He also pushed for his dollar-twenty five a pack tax hike on cigarettes as a way to keep young people from smoking and encourage adults to quit.

AUDIO: John Colbert reports ( :36 MP3 )

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