Governor Scott Walker signed 62 bills into law Tuesday, including some of the most notable measures that passed the Legislature in the final days of the session.

Among the bills signed by Walker was a measure aimed at making schools more accountable for student performance. The new law will allow the state to have private schools that receive taxpayer dollars provide performance data and be graded by the state, just like public schools. The bill does not include any penalties for failing schools though.

Walker also gave schools more flexibility by ending a 180-day classroom calendar requirement, while keeping minimum hours for instruction. Schools can have fewer but longer school days, which is expected to help them save money on running buses and other costs.

Drunk drivers who cause injuries will have to spend at least 30 days in jail under another bill signed by the governor. Walker approved the so-called “I’m sorry” bill, in which medical professionals can apologize to patients’ families for their mistakes without having it used against them in malpractice suits.

Other new laws prohibit employers from asking workers and job candidates for the passwords to their social media accounts. Unmanned drones cannot record people where they expect privacy, and police can’t use drones to obtain evidence without a warrant.

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