The Green campaign says it welcomes the chance for the Federal Election Commission to weigh in on the use of federal campaign funds in the race for governor. That's after a complaint was filed with the FEC by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which questions an over $1.2 million transfer from Congressman Mark Green's federal campaign fund to his state campaign fund.

Green campaign manager Mark Graul says the transfer was allowed under federal law. Graul points to a rule change adopted in Congress back in 2004, which allows federal campaign dollars to be used on the state level…if state law permits it. Graul says previous candidates have been allowed to do it, so the same rules should still apply to Green. However, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign director Mike McCabe says Wisconsin limits such transfers to just over $43,000.

The FEC says it will look at the complaint, but does not expect to resolve the issue before the November 7th election.
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