Jim Doyle's challenger in the race for governor is closing up shop. Congressman Mark Green (R-Green Bay) is cleaning out his offices in Green Bay, Appleton and Washington, D.C. "I continue to have at least some staff. The phone numbers all work and folks can continue to reach me through Washington. I'll be working out of a cubicle. I'll be sharing office space."

The Green Bay Republican says his constituents can get a hold of him in his Green Bay office until the end of the year. Green says his staff is working with Congressman-elect Steve Kagen 's staff as the Appleton doctor makes the transition to take over. "It's gonna take him a little while to learn the ropes. It does any new member of Congress. It certainly did me. And yeah, I wanna be helpful to him any way I can."

After serving eight years in Congress and the state Assembly before that, what's next for Green? You'd think the lawmaker, who's also a lawyer, has a few options. "Well, I hope I do. As I said throughout the campaign, there was no Plan B. I didn't have a ready made job to fall into, and certainly I have no personal wealth so I have to find one."

Green says he's had many proud achievements while in office, including his Two Strikes, You're Out Act and the Amie Zyla Act to protect kids from sex offenders. Also, Green cites the Violence Against Women Act ; his work to help find the missing Linda E fishing boat; and working with veterans and seniors. Green says he'll spend more time with his family.

The Washington office closes at noon today (Friday). The Appleton office closes on Monday, the 18th, and the Green Bay office will remain open until Friday, December 29th. You can continue to call Green at his Washington office (cubicle) at 202-225-5665 or in Wisconsin at 800-773-8579.

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