Young kids don’t know enough about the dangers when it comes to prescription drugs. That’s the feeling of Jenny Bethel in Edgerton. The Rock County mother found her 13 year old son Alex, dead on Tuesday morning this week, from what’s believed to be an overdose of oxycontin.

Bethel says there needs to be more education. “They should have education in school about prescription drugs, about illegal drugs,” says Bethel. “You know, they have sex education, why not set up a class that they have to start taking in kindergarten?”

While the investigation is continuing in the case, Bethel believes her son and a friend got oxycontin pills from another student – and that peer pressure played a major role in this incident.

(Chandra Lynn, WIBA)

Chandra Lynn reports (:40 Mp3) Chandra Lynn reports (:40 MP3)

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