Former Vice President Joe Biden formally accepted the nomination of the Democratic Party for President Thursday night, bringing the largely virtual Democratic National Convention to a close. A Republican congressman from Wisconsin says he’s deeply concerned, if Biden and his running mate, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, win in November.

“He has taken so many positions, I think if he were to get elected, he would fundamentally change the country,” Sixth District U.S. Representative Glen Grothman said. “He has run down the country so much. Called it racist. Going after the police. Attacked us for having immigration laws. It will be a very very different United States of America this time next year . . .  should he get elected.”

Grothman’s comments echo warnings issued by President Donald and Vice President Mike Pence, both of whom campaigned in the state this week in an effort to draw attention from the DNC. In remarks he made in Janesville on Wednesday, Pence said the nation would be “fundamentally transformed into something else,” by a Biden presidency, while Trump in Oshkosh on Monday warned of “radical left maniacs.” The President also claimed that he would lose only “if the election is rigged.”

“It was nice to see a politician who really likes to go out and meet the people,” Grothman said. “Maybe Joe Biden is just going to win by sitting back and running negative adds, but I personally prefer my politicians as people who get out and about and talk to the people.”

Biden currently leads President Trump in most polls including 50 to 46 percent among likely voters in Wisconsin.

Grothman said Trump needs to communicate better on successes such as driving down drug prices, declining of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border and brokering peace through strength including Israel and The United Arab Emirates recently restoring full diplomatic relations.

Seehafer News contributed to this report

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