One Wisconsin group urges you to get out and vote today. Kathleen Propp with the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, says although requirements have changed at the polling places because of the new statewide voter registration database, you can still register just before you vote. Propp says the database aims to help stave off election fraud, and ultimately, she says, it will be a positive change.

You'll need to prove your identity by showing your valid driver's license, a state ID, or part of your social security number. Propp reminds us, unlike the general election in Wisconsin where you can pick and choose your favorite candidate regardless of his or her party, you must stick with one party in the primary or your ballot will be void.

Propp suggests you check out their “how-to-guide” on the League of Women Voters website to learn more about the elections. Statewide polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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