Just hours before Wednesday’s workplace shooting at Molson Coors in Milwaukee, Governor Tony Evers was again asking for legislators to at least consider some gun control measures. “It’s a real tricky issue here in Wisconsin. Obviously, the legislature wasn’t willing to talk about it. They gaveled in and gaveled out. All I want is to have a discussion.”

Republicans refused to act late last year, on Evers’ special session bills for mandatory background checks for all gun purchases, and a “red flag” law for gun owners.

It’s not clear whether either measure could have stopped the Milwaukee shooter, who killed five co-workers and himnself, but it does seem clear that Republican legislative leaders are not interested in the sort of discussion Evers is looking for.

“We’re going to have that discussion about the 2nd Amendment forever,” said state Senate Majority Leader (R-Juneau). “Right now, with the Republican legislature, I think a lot of the provisions that are in place already, people are satisfied with.”

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