Wisconsin’s Democratic U.S. Senator said on Monday that that President Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser needs to testify, in the Senate impeachment trial. “It’s gut check time, for members of the United States Senate,” Senator Tammy Baldwin said, during a press conference with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. “What I’m calling on is for every Senator, including Ron Johnson, to vote to call John Bolton as a witness.”

Baldwin said that Bolton claims in a new book is at odds with what President Donald Trump told Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, during an August 31 phone call. “It is inconsistent with the reporting last night of what John Bolton . . . said that he heard from the president. One of them’s not telling the truth.”

The New York Times reported over the weekend that a draft of Bolton’s book had been sent to the White House last month, to allow it to be reviewed for classified information. The draft reportedly claims that the president told Bolton in August that he wanted to continue holding up millions of dollars of security assistance to Ukraine, until that country’s government agreed to assist in investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son.

“We should all have an interest in hearing from John Bolton as a witness,” Baldwin said. Johnson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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