A 16-year-old student accused of fatally shooting his principal at the Weston High School last fall could face another homicide charge.  During a hearing on Monday, the Sauk County District Attorney filed a motion to charge Eric Hainstock with first degree intentional homicide for allegedly attempting to murder another Weston teacher during the shooting.  Sauk County DA Pat Barret argued that before Hainstock was wrestled to the ground and allegedly shot Principal John Klang, he aimed the gun at another teacher.
Hainstock's attorney, Rhoda Ricciardi, objected to the motion, calling it prejudiced.  She says the teacher made a statement that Hainstock had the gun pointed at a water fountain.
Sauk County Judge Pat Taggart said he would have decision on the motion later this week.  Hainstock is already facing life in prison for the murder of Klang.  His jury trial is planned to begin on July 26th. 

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