On the fast track: a committee hearing for a Democratic health care proposal. Middleton Democrat, Senator Jon Erpenbach, found himself on the hot seat with Republicans like Oshkosh Republican Carol Roessler. "This is a major overhaul," of the state's health care system, charged Roessler, referring to the Senate Democrats "Healthy Wisconsin" plan. The effort to provide nearly universal health care coverage was unveiled late last Friday, and was the subject of a Capitol hearing on Monday. Erphenbach insisted it's not reinventing the wheel. "This is just an avenue for people to have health care," said Erpenbach. That avenue is to be financed by a $15fifteen annual payroll tax, and New Berlin Republican, Senator Mary Lazich, noted that's a figure more than twice the amount of the current biennial state budget. The Senate votes on the plan today, as part of it's version of the state budget. Republicans in the Senate and Assembly strongly oppose the plan, as do business and industry groups.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60 MP3)

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