Looking for something to do during spring break? How about New Orleans? No. It's not what you think.

Pam Murtaugh of Madison runs Katrina Corps and the corps wants your help during spring break to get the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast back on their feet. Or as Murtaugh puts it, reclaim that part of our country.

The corps is looking for 25-thousand volunteers to do some dirty, messy, back-breaking work called “gutting”. Murtaugh says there are thousands of homes in Katrina's aftermath that seventeen months later are still filled with debris from the storm. They need to be cleaned out and stripped down to the frame so they can be rebuilt.

Murtaugh says she got the idea for Katrina Corps after the watching a Bono music video that depicted what the recovery might have been like if the government responded with a massive airlift of food and supplies like the Berlin airlift after the wall.

And because nothing like that happened, Murtaugh wanted to organize volunteers to take back what she calls “Katrinaland” and give it back to the people who lived there since the government hasn't done it yet.

If this is your idea of a worthwhile spring break you can sign up at katrinacorps.org.



AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:18 MP3 )

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