The WIAA‘s Board of Control voted not to implement a widely deliberated football district proposal that would have revamped the landscape of football and its post-season playoffs. 

The board voted 8-2 to reject the football district proposal, but acknowledged the need to address the issues the plan was designed to resolve.

WIAA Deputy Director Wade Labecki says they’ll continue to try to find ways to realign the football playoffs.

AUDIO: Wade Labecki says they’ll continue to work towards a new plan :14

BAD TIMING – With budget cuts, high gas prices, job losses and concerns from taxpayers, the timing of this proposal just wasn’t good.  Schools that are looking for ways to cut budgets, would now be asked to increase travel time and travel costs.  That appears to be the biggest drawback.

Fans also don’t like the fact that they’ll be losing their long time rivalry match-ups.  Fans were willing to drive 30 miles to watch their team play a long-time rival.  But will they drive 100 or more miles to watch their team play another team with no significant ties to it.

The WIAA will likely find a way to get some form of plan to pass in the future, but it won’t come without some big adjustments for everyone involved.

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