The next generation of library branch is coming to Milwaukee this fall. It’s a little high-tech, and very convenient. Bruce Gay is overseeing the new branch for the Milwaukee Public Library. “We’ve been calling it the ‘vending library,’ but the company that we’re working with, EnvisionWare, has named it their 24 Hour Library,” he said.

The $275-thousand dollar project will see installation of a fully-automated book dispenser near the Westlawn public housing development, on a busy intersection. “It’s going to be in a large bus shelter,” said Gay.

There will be more than 400 selections at the 24 hour library, and patrons will also be able to pick up items they request on-line. The project is among the first of its kind in the nation “There have been other vending machines, but they’ve been more like a candy machine, almost,” said Gay. “This is a much larger item. It’s going to be fairly cutting edge.” It should be ready for use sometime in October.


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