Driving this Memorial Day weekend? Millions across the Midwest are despite the price of gas.

According to the Triple A, not only is the price of gas staggering but so are the numbers of people planning to travel this weekend. Thirty-eight million nationwide. Six million in the Midwest states with most of them in cars.

But Triple A Wisconsin's Pam Moen says that same survey shows people will be trying to save money in other ways. They won't be traveling as far. Or will look for bargains elsewhere such as in accommodations or food.

The average family expects to spend six hundred dollars on their Memorial Day Weekend trip. So, when you figure in the cost of gas at forty dollars a tankful, Moen says it's not that much in the bigger travel picture.

Maybe so, but it doesn't mean we'll like paying those prices at the pump.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:04 MP3 )

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