A Fond du Lac area organization which provides a therapeutic horseback riding experience for people with  cognitive and physical disabilities is dealing with the aftermath of a dog attack. The Executive Director of Free S.P.I.R.I.T Riders said it will take more than a month to get back to normal after a pit bull attacked several horses a week ago.

Mary Narges said the dog, dragging a leash, came on their property east of Fond du Lac and attacked very quickly. She said it first attacked a horse that had been donated to their program, then crept under fencing to attack more horses out in their pastures.  Four horses needed stitches and will survive.

Narges said they are notifying people about classes, but they won’t be offering their normal class schedule for a while. As for the dog, t died after several horses retaliated. Testing determined the dog did not have rabies. A 35 year-old Fond du Lac County man was cited for letting the dog run loose.


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