This year’s Hudson Hot Air Affair balloon festival is also a fundraiser for Haitian orphans. The event is Wisconsin’s largest wintertime balloon festival. Mass launches are planned for Saturday and Sunday nearly forty balloons hoping the weather is nice enough for flying. Balloon pilot Steve Jacobs of Stillwater, Minnesota took a media group on a half-hour flight. He’s been a licensed pilot for 20 years. His most difficult job is controlling the propane heater that keeps the balloon in the air.

Jacobs is a father of 15 children, 10 of whom were adopted. That’s why he and his family are using this weekend’s event to raise money for an orphanage in Haiti. Alison and Violent Jacobs joined a church group called “Hope and Light Ministries” to build homes for orphaned and abandoned children. The Jacobs are selling restaurant certificates and balloon rides this weekend with the proceeds going to the ministry. Find out more at Dine and Fly for Haiti.

Jeff Petersen, WIXK

AUDIO: Jeff Petersen reports (:65 MP3)  AUDIO: Jeff Petersen reports (:65 MP3)

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