The House of Representatives passed the Omnibus Appropriations Bill Wednesday. This is the bill that determines where the federal government’s budget money gets spent.

Wisconsin’s 7th District Representative Sean Duffy (R-Weston) voted for the package. “This was a bipartisan deal, so there’s things in here that I don’t like, there’s things that give me heartburn, but on balance, I think we’re going in the right direction where we continue to reduce spending year over year, get our budgets under control, and get Democrats to buy into this idea that we have to start to limit how much we spend.”

The actual numbers for the budget were part of last month’s compromise package negotiated by Democratic Senator Patty Murray and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan.

Duffy says this bill had support from both sides of the isle. “It was a pretty bipartisan vote. Over 350 ayes and around 50 no.”

Duffy is pleased with lawmakers’ ability to restore full funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. He is disappointed in this bill’s lack of help for military veterans. “The men and women who serve our country, who put their lives on the line, I don’t think should be the first ones on the chopping block when we find budget agreements, and so I’m actually with over 100 members in the House working on a proposal that will restore those COLA increases for them, and I think that’s important. That’s the one part of this compromise that I really don’t like.”

The Omnibus Appropriations Bill is now off the the U.S. Senate for their consideration.

Larry Lee, WSAU

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