Did Governor Tony Evers want Joe Biden to visit Kenohsa on Thursday? Wisconsin’s Democratic governor was asked about that, during a media call in Madison, while his party’s presidential candidate was in Kenosha.

“At the end of the day, I made my position clear to both campaigns. Both campaigns decided to be here,” Evers said.

Evers, who sent a letter to President Trump, asking him not to visit the city in the wake of riots and protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, was asked why Biden didn’t get a similar letter.

AUDIO: Evers’ answers reporter questions 3:57

“They both knew what my position was. That is not hypocrisy, I was consistent with both of them,”the governor said. “One of them was through a letter because I knew about it ahead of time, and the other as verbal.”

Evers said his preference would have been that neither candidate came to Kenosha.

“I would prefer that no one be here, whether it be candidate Trump or candidate Biden. I said very clearly to both of them what my position was, and they both decided to come. It’s a free country.”

Thursday was the first time Biden has been in Wisconsin since, 2012, when he was President Barack Obama’s vice president. The Democratic candidate met with members of Jacob Blake’s family at Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport, then participated in a community meeting at Kenosha’s Grace Lutheran Church.

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