With all do respect to Kurt Warner and all of the playoff experience he has, I think the team that’s playing better at the time is the team you go with in a playoff match-up.  Winners of 7 of their last 8, that team is definitely the Green Bay Packers.

The Wild-card playoff games are so far bearing that out.  The Jets beat the Bengals on Saturday and it’s the Jets that entered the playoffs with more momentum.  Same goes for the Cowboys over the Eagles on Saturday night.  Fast forward to the Ravens and Patriots.  New England has been limping into the playoffs and they’re playing like it today against the Ravens.  Naturally, I think the Packers will continue the trend.

The Packers defense continues to get turnovers and the offense is putting up big numbers.  And even though Aaron Rodgers has no playoff experience, I believe he’ll settle in and play a big game for the Packers.

This game is not going to be easy for the Packers like the previous two this season.  Arizona and Green Bay had different agenda’s in the two previous match-ups, one in the preseason and the other a week ago.  But in the end, the Packers ability to take the ball away and not give it away could be a difference maker today.

Aaron Rodgers makes his first playoff start today and I think he’ll collect his first playoff win, 34-24 over the Cardinals.

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