Protestors on both sides of the immigratiion issue In the rotunda of the Wisconsin state Capitol  Those in support of rights for undocumented immigrants are calling on a few changes to the Governor's proposed budget.

Carl Klessig, a fifth generation dairy farmer in Manitowoc County, says he and many of the 130,000 Wisconsin farmers in his industry support immigrant causes. He says the average dairy farmer employs "one if not several" first generation immigrants.

Klessig testified to members of the Joint Finance Committee for the repeal of state funding of the anti-terror act REAL ID and allowing the undocumented to have driver's license certificates in what he calls an "economic development issue"

However, the Federation for American Immigration Reform says giving illegal immigrants privileges is completely unfair to legal immigrants.

"Why should these people be granted some sort of special privilege when we have millions of people waiting in line to come to this country," asks FAIR National Field Director Susan Tully.

Tully supports work site enforcement and employers volunteering to sign up the E-verify program.

Hundreds organized by  Voces  De La Frontera filled the capitol Wednesday to also celebrate a provision in the proposed budget that would grant in-state tuition to the some undocumented college students.

AUDIO: Brian Moon reports (MP3 :78)

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