At the Capitol in Madison Tuesday, state Senators were in session, ostensibly to approve a budget conference committee. But they couldn't resist taking potshots at their parties' respective versions of the state budget. Wausau Democrat Russ Decker questioned how fiscally responsible Assembly Republicans have been, with a budget that "zeros out" the state's statutory balance. Juneau Republican, Minority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, said Democrats had better be careful with their criticisms, suggesting they may eventually end up voting for a budget that includes a zero increase in all state funds. Fitzgerald also took a shot at Jim Doyle, charging the Democrat Governor with "ripping the Assembly" in a series of press conferences around the state . Both Fitzgerald and Decker will service on the conference committee, which Majority Leader Judy Robson says won't meet until next Tuesday.

AUDIO: Senators Decker, Fitzgearld (5:00 MP3)

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