A long time acquaintance of accused triple homicide suspect James Koepp was called to the witness stand by prosecutors Thursday morning. Todd Harrington shared space at the Columbia County Correctional Facility with Koepp following the murders of Danyetta Lentz and her two children. Deputy district attorney Perry Folts asked Harrington about a conversation he had with Koepp, in which Koepp admitted he had been to the Lentz family’s trailer the night of the murder, because he was concerned that his wife would learn of an affair he’d had with Danyetta Lentz.

In cross examination, defense attorney Walter Isaacson asked Harrington about another conversation he had with Koepp about the murders, in which Koepp had maintained his innocence.

Folts also questioned Harrington about a weapon used in the murders. “I believe he had told me that he had heard that there was a scissors involved,” said Harrington. But Harrington, who has known Koepp since 1970 said the defendant told him there were no witnesses to the murder, because they were all dead. “I recall the cold stare and the demeanor,” Harrington said. “Just the way it came off is why it caught me entirely off guard.”

Rock County Sheriff’s detective Warren Yoerger (yay-ghur) was one of two detectives who interviewed James Koepp shortly after the murders. Yoerger also testified that Koepp denied being in the Lentz trailer the night of the murders.

Koepp faces three counts of first degree intentional homicide in the deaths of the Lenz family, who were murdered in their trailer near Janesville in January 2007.

Steve Benton, WCLO

 AUDIO: Harrington testimony (1:00 MP3)  AUDIO: Harrington testimony (1:00 MP3)

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