Who were the leaders of the pack, in the almost unspeakable crimes committed at a house in Portage? Columbia County District Attorney Jane Kohlway believes there were two main players: 25-year-old Michael Sisk and 23-year-old Candace Clark. Kohlway adds 15 year-old Felicia Garlin 20 year-old Michala Clerc were full participants in the murder of 36 year-old Tammy Garlin and the torture abuse of Garlin's son. But Clerc's bond of $350 was the lowest amount of the bunch. Clerc's attorney says she's of below average intelligence and then tried to make her sound somewhat trustworthy, saying she held down a job at Walgreens in Florida for $6.50 an hour.

And when it came to covering up their crime, the "Portage four" weren't too savvy. The site in the backyard where Garlin's body was buried wasn't hidden very well, and it did not take too long for the four to share other details with police. But, when it came to making cash illegally, they apparently knew what they were doing. D.A. Kohlway says "numerous" $500 money orders were found in the house occupied by the suspects, made out to various aliases used by Sisk. In fact, all those involved had numerous aliases. Right now, police can't even estimate how much money is involved.

AUDIO: Robin Colbert reports (:50 MP3)

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