Senator Russ Feingold says will keep working for a withdrawal from Iraq. The Wisconsin Democrat opposed the latest war funding bill, which lacked any timetable for getting our troops out. "I will do my job based on my belief that the people of Wisconsin want us to refocus our efforts on those who attacked us on 9-11, and to not be stuck in a bad situation in Iraq anymore," Feingold said Monday in Madison.

Feingold said he'll work with anyone who will help bring the troops out soon, and will continue to criticize those who delay it, including President Bush and some members of his own party. Feingold doubts the troop surge will have the desired effect."I don't think there will be some massive improvement (in the situation in Iraq)," Feingold said, adding that American personnel should be withdrawn in an orderly and safe manner, rather than waiting for the situation in Iraq ro collapse.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:55 MP3)

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