The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau is warning consumers against a scam involving Iraqi currency. Bureaus across the country are getting complaints from people who purchased Iraqi Dinars through an online currency exchange, only to receive no money at all. The scam has been reported in dozens of states and several other countries. Wisconsin BBB president Randall Hoth is president of the Wisconsin BBB says those people are being lead to believe the currency will increase greatly in price, when that may not be that case.

A Fon du Lac man is the only known Wisconsinite impacted by the scam. He paid $220 to receive 250,000 Iraqi Dinars last September. Hoth says the man never received any money.

The Better Business Bureau is urging consumers to research any online currency purchase they may be considering. If it's being done through an internet site, Hoth says you should research it online elsewhere before going ahead with the transaction. You can check complaints against those sites on the BBB website.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:00)

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