We’ve all seen the debate over ‘is a hot dog a sandwich?’.

Well, a recent survey released by Food Insider named the Bratwurst as Wisconsin’s favorite sandwich. Not so fast, says UW-Extension Meat Specialist Jeffrey Sindelar.

He says, strictly speaking, a bratwurst in a brat bun is not a sandwich. “A sandwich is typically something that’s flat, everything about it is something flat. So bread is flat, meat is flat, cheese is flat.”

Other sorts of bratwurst applications WOULD apply, like fried brats or the Sheboygan Double Brat. “In that type of application I think it’s perfectly acceptable to consider that a sandwich.”

Sindelar says, however, Wisconsinites are free to disagree, because after all it is the state’s favorite sausage.

If you’re asking for good bratwurst recipes, Sindelar says a plain grilled brat with good mustard, sauerkraut and diced onions is his favorite.

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