A political watchdog group says money is keeping healthcare reform off the table in Wisconsin.

Lawmakers seem hesitant to accept the Senate Democrat's universal health care plan, and Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign says all you have to do is "follow the money" to see why.

McCabe says a review of campaign finance data shows Assembly Republicans received two thirds of their money from groups opposed to the Senate proposal. Republicans control that chamber and are currently blocking the measure.

Those same groups also supplied half the donations Democratic Governor Jim Doyle received. The Governor has been slow to accept the plan, instead pushing his own BadgerCare Plus initiative.

McCabe says the public wants reform, but wealthy donors are stopping those efforts. He says the insurance industry and business groups continue to oppose health care, despite calls from the public to change the current system.

McCabe says lawmakers will eventually face enough pressure that they have to do something. However, he says they'll have to get over their fears to achieve reform. 

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:04)

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