An email campaign is urging a one day boycott of gasoline today in protest of rising prices at the pump. Will it work?

Bob Bartlett of the Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers Association says it hasn't worked in the last three or four years. No reason it will have any affect on big oil now.

Bartlett says the current price situation has nothing to do with the price of crude. There's plenty of crude oil he says. There just isn't enough refined gasoline because refineries across the country are down due to fires, repairs or planned maintenance. And, he says, a national energy policy that doesn't address refinery capacity.

Bartlett says gasoline supplies are low, driving up wholesale prices. Usually the cost of gas to retailers goes up a fraction of a penny each day. The other night it jumped twelve cents in one night.

About the only we can do he says is just use less gas period. 

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :54 MP3 )

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