Differing views on a bill regulating certain political ads. Legislation from state Senators Jon Erpenbach and Mike Ellis would require groups that run the so-called issue ads to disclose their funding, through political action committees. Jay Heck with Common Cause in Wisconsin asked a state Senate committee to support the measure, calling it long overdue. The bill "would allow candidates to play by the same rules as these outside groups," said Heck. "I don't understand why outside groups have to abide by one set of rules and you all have to abide by another."

But Sue Armacost of Wisconsin Right to Life said requiring local chapters of her organization to form PACS is overly intrusive. "That means full disclosure of all of our members' . . . information," said Armacost, calling that "an infringement on their privacy." The bill targets newspaper and broadcast ads which appear within 60 days of elections, and which name specific candidates without calling on voters to support or oppose them. Armacost called the bill "completely unfair." Heck said there's a "gaping loophole" in current state law, and called the bill "an absolute no brainer" for lawmakers of both parties to support.

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