Packers fans always find a way to keep themselves busy during the offseason.  The problem is, the offseason came two weeks earlier then it should have.

The only way to describe what happened in the 23-20 overtime loss to the New York Giants is they blew it.  The Packers absolutely blew a chance to be playing the New England Patriots in the SuperBowl. 

The Packers will tell you the cold had nothing to do with their poor performance, but for the second time this season, the Packers struggled.  They laid an egg in Chicago against the Bears and did the same against the Giants in Green Bay.

What will leave the players, coaches and fans wondering is how they could have played the NFC Championship game at home and lost. 

How can one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game, throw another interception during a key stretch of the game.  Brett Favre did it four years ago against Philadelphia and was picked off again in Sunday's loss to the Giants. 

The ground game disappeared and the defense couldn't get off the field.  The Giants owned the time of possession by some 17 1/2 minutes over the Packers.

Throw in the fact that the Packers were outcoached in this one as well. 

You don't get many opportunities to play in a Super Bowl and the Packers totally missed their chance.  Perhaps the Packers will get another chance next year.  But they'll have to spend the whole offseason wondering what could have been.

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