Daylight Savings Time goes into effect this Sunday. Clocks are moved ahead one hour. But what about computers?

Whatever problems several state computer systems may be having right now, keeping up with the new date for Daylight Savings Time shouldn't be one of them.

Jim Schmolesky, Director of Computer Operations, Enterprise Technology at the Department of Administration says they've been planning for this fir three months and have been running tests to make sure computers know what time it is Monday morning.

Schmolesky says they've been paying special attention to computer systems that support life, health and safety issues for state residents.

If not properly upgraded, computers won't know the time changes this Sunday because they're coded for traditional April date.

Some computerized appointment books may be off or a business may have some billing issues but Schmolesky says there's no need to worry. It's not Y2K.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :58 MP3)

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