As the days of Safer At Home continue to stretch together, it’s important to take some time to work on your mental well being

Doctor Carola Pfortner with Madison College says one good step is to find a routine for yourself to help make time pass more regularly. 

“Some people feel comfortable making just a list. What are the three things I want to accomplish today rather than then having everything?”

She says that moment of routine is important to help ground both your emotions and your place in the world. “Where can I set up some fun points during the day, what kind of routines can I have, who can I connect with?”

She says the most important thing to remember is that it’s okay to not feel okay right now, and that you are allowed to take some time to feel out of place. “There’s pressure and real fears on essential workers, and those people who have existing disabilities or mental health concerns already, that will of course intensify that.”

She says that if you’re having a crisis that it’s important to find someone to talk to, either a trusted friend or a mental health professional. Many are offering either phone or virtual meetings right now, so contact your insurer to find someone to talk with.

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