The city of Racine could get money to combat infant mortality. On the Joint Finance Committee Thursday, State Senator John Lehman requested the "earmark," $250,000 in state money for each of the next two years. "This is one time . . . that I'm coming in and I'm saying to you, 'we've got a problem in Racine, we've got people that are ready to go after it, and we need state help.'" The Racine Democrat said an infant mortality task force came up with the funding recommendation, an effort to turn around the worst infant mortality rate in the state. Racine Republican, Representative Robin Vos initially argued against the proposal, noting there is no requirement that the effort actually demonstrate success. Wausau Democrat, Senator Russ Decker, argued the money was not a lot in the overall state budget scheme: "if you can't do this, really what good is this committee?" The 16 member budget panel ended up approving the funding on a unanimous vote, with the provision that it will sunset after two years.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60 MP3)

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