The latest Marquette Law School Poll is out, and the presidential race hasn’t changed much, despite two conventions and visits from the candidates.

Poll director Charles Franklin says there’s been little movement in the presidential preference question. 

“A month ago it was 49% for Biden, 44% for Trump, a 5% Biden margin there. This month is 47% for Biden, 43% for Trump, a four point margin.”

Franklin says that the favorability ratings for both Joe Biden and President Trump remain stable, despite appearances in Wisconsin and the two conventions.

“But I think the bottom line is we don’t see a convention bounce for either candidate in this key measure of favorability.”

Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen got 4 percent in the poll, and Franklin says he’ll keep asking about third party candidates right up through the election. 

“Often we see a tightening of the race and the third party vote tends to go down if the presidential race looks close and we’ll just watch that now through October and we’ll see.”

Other notable findings in the poll are that respondents with school age children now feel less sure about sending their children to in person classes as opposed to early August. Only 44 percent of parents said they were comfortable, compared to 53 percent in August.

Approval of Tammy Baldwin remains above her disapproval ratings, 42 to 35, but people’s opinions of Senator Ron Johnson have dipped, with only 32 percent in favor and 36 percent against.

Polling was done over the last weekend in August, and has around a 4 point margin of error.

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