The only finalist to be the next University of Wisconsin System president has withdrawn his name from consideration.

Jim Johnsen was the only candidate intervieedd by the search committee looking for Ray Cross’ successor.

Johnsen’s candidacy was controversial among faculty and staff who complained about Johnsen’s track record as the University of Alaska System president, and about the selection process in Wisconsin which shut them out.

UW System Regent President Andrew S. Petersen released a statement:

“It’s disappointing, a dark day for the UW System.

“Dr. Johnsen is a fine person who conducted himself with professionalism and honor throughout the
process, during which he was unanimously identified by the search committee as the best candidate for our

“We will work to identify and get through our immediate financial and operational challenges with the
pandemic, then deliberate on the next steps to conduct a new search when there is a better opportunity.”

In his letter withdrawing his name, Johnsen said UW officials “have important process issues to work out.”

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