Two girls attending Manitowoc Washington Junior High School have been suspended, and referred for expulsion, after writing "murder lists" with names of fellow students and at least one adult. Manitowoc School District Superintendent Mark Swanson said the lists were compiled by two 8th grade girls, with as many as 60 names appearing on one or both. Swanson said there's "no simple answer" to situations such as this. "Our society is more violent," said Swanson. "I think there are a lot of our kids that are lacking a sense of a future and a sense of belonging. It's such a complex problem, but it's one that this country has to get a hold of. It's frightening." Swanson said it appears the girls were "annoyed" by the listed individuals, although there's no evidence they intended any physical violence. School officials contacted those on the lists and letters have been sent to all parents.

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