The jury that will decide if the 17 year old Dassey helped his uncle, Steven Avery kill Teresa Halbach, will come from Dane County.

Carlos Esqueda is that county's court clerk. He says they sent out jury questionnaires to about 200 Dane County residents. Which among other things asked if they'd be willing to be sequestered out of county.

About 87 people said they would and answered the other questions sufficiently to be part of the jury pool.

Dassey reportedly confessed to helping Avery rape, kill and burn Halbach's body October 31, 2005. He later recanted that confession in a letter to the judge and did not testify in Avery's murder trial. Sexual assault and false imprisonment charges against Avery were eventually dropped.

Other than those requests from Manitowoc County, Esqueda says picking a jury pool for this high profile case was not much different than any other. The questionnaire included the basic eligibility questions such as, are you a U.S. Citizen? Do you understand the English language?

The Dane County jury will be transported to Manitowoc County where jurors will hear opening arguments starting Monday.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:08 MP3 )

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