Congressman Steve Kagen charges President Bush with incompetence in the Iraq war, and says he'd prefer that the president and his administration resign. The Appleton Democrat says Bush won't admit mistakes he's made in Iraq. "I agree with some other people who say that he just simply cannot understand when he is wrong," Kagen said during an interview with WHBY. Kagen says impeachment proceedings are an option that would take too long. In his words "our founding fathers really didn't expect that we'd have an incompetent president." Kagen also defends his vote this week for the Iraq war spending bill. "The vote was not about ending the Iraqi civil war," he said. "It was only about supporting our troops, and making certain that they have what it takes to survive." Kagen said there are not enough votes in Congress right now to end the war, but predicted that when it's budget time in the fall more money will be necessary, and that more Republicans will change their stance.

AUDIO: Congressman Steve Kagen (:60 MP3)

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